• Total warehouse 10,000 m2

  • Market leading quantity of goods

  • Premium Service

  • Multilingual Customer Service

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Window Cleaner 27cm F-03

Párologtató Dolomite Felakasztható 118500010

Párologtató Dolomite Felakasztható Állatfigurás

Párologtató Dolomite Felakasztható Virág Motivumos 118300000

Diaper Dryer Wooden

Diaper Dryer Wooden Extra Large

Clothes Drying Rack Classing 18m Enger

Onion Chopper 170293660 (12/gy_24/#)

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You can count on us

We have a stable background. If you work with us: We have a stable background. If you work with us:


We have been in the market for a quarter of a century. This is the guarantee that you can order from us with confidence.


You can buy and sell domestic and foreign items from us


We take care of everything from ordering to delivery. You have to take over just the order. You just need to take over the products
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Excellent background

Our company is proud of it's technical and economic background built over the years


We have been in the market since 1996, since then with continuous development


We successfully trade in European and Asian markets


We have our own warehouse and machine park, which we are constantly developing
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